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Founder's Message

As 2020 comes to a close, I am happy to share with you the 2020 Fiscal Year Annual Report for the Accessibility Organization for Afghan Disabled (AOAD). The Annual Report includes notable programmatic accomplishments, impactful achievements, inclusion and addressing the needs of disadvantages people through practical activities with effectives mechanism, with our planned vision for the future. I am happy for sharing the Report to celebrate AOAD success and learn more about the myriad of substantive ways that AOAD through bilateral donors, national and International partners, has made a difference in the lives of those we served and serving now.

 “dream star” and passion has always been People living with Disabilities inclusion children and women and their families—making sure everyone has the best opportunity for health and well-being, education, physical rehabilitation skill development empowerments. I have met so many beneficiaries mostly persons with disabilities included in AOAD projects of Vocational training, Physical Rehabilitations, foods distributions, clothes distributions in these first few months and am humbled by the commitment, passion, and expertise they all leant and also learning with Physical Rehabilitations and inclusion.

The COVID 19 Global Pandemic 2020 shock the world but this increased several others catastrophes for Afghanistan was one of the challengeable year because of lockdown, road closers, increasing conflicts, and also shortage of the funding due to the global Pandemic COVID 19.  But thanks to the International communities’ donors’ agencies they continued their financial contributions for AOAD and thanks to AOAD pioneers’ team who kept their work without any lockdown and reach to the needy people with generous support in the hard-to-reach areas.

However, I am gratified by the exceptional work that AOAD through the committed staffs is doing and I look forward to our continued support to the people in needs so that together we can meet the Center’s goals for integration, Rehabilitations and inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Afghanistan.

To a healthy and fruitful year 2021 with peace and prosperity for Afghanistan and the rest of the world.

Meet Our Leadership Team

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Abdul Khaliq Zazai

Director & Founder

Farhat Wadan

Gender Focal point

Hameedullah Khaliqie

Finance Manger