Physical Rehabilitation in Emergency

Donor - WHO

Start and end date (duration): 1 April 2021 up to 31 March 2022  

Number of beneficiaries: 6338

Type of beneficiaries:  

Men:   4899.       Women: 1039

PWD (4000+200) :  4200

Project location: province/s and district/s:

Zabul Province  

Summary of the project:

To provide vocational training for 200 male and female participants affected by landmines victims of conflicts living with disabilities, and their immediate family members will receive job training to restore self-confidence, find access to respectable income and employment opportunities, and raise awareness for the rights of Persons with Disabilities PWD in the community with the full participation of their parents, and authority. To enable the children with disabilities (boys and girls) to have freedom of access to education, and understand their rights as functioning citizens of Afghanistan as no one living behind.

Main objectives:

Provincial trainers and Community health workers to provide comprehensive and on time physical rehabilitation to the victims of war and conflict in the emergency situation. To highlight the importance of physical rehabilitation in the emergency situation for the prevention of disabilities and early physical rehabilitation intervention. To provide physical rehabilitation through the provision of specialized technical orthopedic devices P&O, assistive devices, walking aids and other in a timely manner.

To raise the awareness of the rights, needs and the importance of the disability inclusion in the health, rehabilitation and emergency response . To build the cornerstone for the Disability and physical rehabilitation inclusive disaster and emergency risk management vision in the national emergency preparedness system in the Country