Biography of Abdul Khaliq Zazai

Disability Development Activist, founder and President of the AOAD

Abdul Khaliq Zazai is founder & President of the Accessibility Organization for Afghan Disabled (AOAD).

Zazai is Disability Rights Advocate living with Physical Disability by left leg. Abdul Khaliq Zazai as Person with Disability started inclusion movement in Afghanistan from 2004.  After his multi Experience from national level and International level Abdul Khaliq Zazai founded AOAD in May 2007.  Zazai visited around 22 countries for International Disability conferences, meetings and training now he is a member of the International Disability Alliance (IDA)

Zazai is involved in country base advocacy for disability mainstreaming in government structure, UN, NNGOs and INGOs since Jan: 2004.

Mr. Zazai is the first innovator of the Physical Accessibility for improving the built environment with the idea of Universal Design and implementation of public policy for improving the Physical Accessibility for all especially for Persons with Disabilities.  Zazai is involved in creating an enabling environment for innovations to come up for inclusiveness of Persons with Disabilities for lobbying and address Disability in the United Nations Humanitarians strategies for Afghanistan in the HRP/HNO agenda for internal displaced family’s returnees to the country. Zazai have been providing consultation to national and provincial government for addressing Disability inclusion according to the SDG 2015-2030 as No ONE LIVE behind. Zazai’ AOAD Organization is working with UN-WFP/WHO for addressing Disability in the conflicts Disaster and Natural Disaster working as partner.

Mr. Zazai is closely working for NGOs and DPOs coordination strengthening the network as nationwide for empowerment of PWD and providing training to youths with disabilities for being future leaders.

Zazai was the first Duskin leadership trainee for one year in Japan a program for Persons with Disabilities in the Asia Pacific organized by the Japanese Society for Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities JSRPD in Tokyo Japan from 2002-2003.In Feb: 2017 Zazai received Zero Project Award from UNO office in Austria as winner innovative candidate for Physical Accessibility and Design for All. Abdul Khaliq Zazai is Country Representative of G3ICT a USA Base Organization since 2012.

From May 2017 present country representative of (G3ICT) America for Afghanistan

Abdul Khaliq Zazai can speak 5 languages (Pashto Native, Dari, English, Urdu and Japanese